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Welcome the Baronz private store. We're active here always, and want sell you things and make you money.

Our only product is stolen cc data. We focus all our efforts to make the cards you buy with us the very best. Cards include pin and chip, so they can be used just like any normal credit card. We provide 7 different methods to cash out with every order, and more unique methods on request. Tracked shipping is provided with all orders. Shipping time to America is 7 days, to Europe, Asia and Russia approximately 10 days. Our cards can be used without too much risk if you follow our opsec guidelines. If you have questions, ask in the forum or contact our support.

Product Specs

5x Low Quality cards~$500~$420No
10x Low Quality cards~$950~$850No
5x Medium Quality cards~$1200~$1050No
10x Medium Quality cards~$2400~$2150Yes
5x High Quality cards~$2800~$2500Yes
10x High Quality cards~$5700~$5200Yes
*Cashout Values are estimates.
**Credit indicates that a card has an active overdraw facility, allowing experienced cards to extract further funds.


5x Low Quality Cards


10x Low Quality Cards


5x Medium Quality Cards


10x Medium Quality Cards


5x High Quality Cards


10x High Quality Cards



Baronz forums

Come join our forums! The quickest way to improve your skill is by being around other veteran carders. Everyone welcome!


Baronz wants our customers to succeed and profit from our products. If you need help or have questions contact us and we help.

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